Enterprise Application Services

Every enterprise deals with multiple applications, sometimes even with hundreds of applications for their business to run smoothly. SVS Technologies can help you streamline your application management and efficient integration for maximum control. We have helped lot of organizations to reduce their system downtime, enhance their performance, and let them concentrate on strategic initiatives to build business profits. Every organization has a main challenge to Securely control their hundreds of applications and their reliable operation.

We at SVS Technologies provide you resources and services that includes Maintenance, Re-Engineering, Migration and Testing. We can take care of your enterprise application environment and you can concentrate on business.

Enterprise Integration

Enterprise with multiple IT systems or applications can result confusion, inefficiencies and decreased productivity.

Applications such as Supply chain management, Customer relationship management, business intelligence and other types of applications typically can not communicate with one another in order to share data or business rules. This lack of communication leads to inefficiencies where in identical data is stored in multiple locations this leads to confusion.

We know integrating multiple IT Systems that cater to different functions, departments and different stages in production life cycle is a huge challenge.

Our experience in this will help you transform your enterprise into one streamlined and optimally functional entity. We provide right tools, methodologies and templates for your organizational needs.

Testing Services

Testing is a vital part of any product you develop. It is known that testing takes about 30-40% time in any software development. With the need for more robust and reliable software, testing has become a vital part of the SDLC and a specialized function in itself.

Organizations do not afford to lose revenue or customers because of a bug in the software they develop. Nowadays business face challenges like changing technologies, little time to market, cost constraints, changes in development methodologies, rework on the development activities due to a bug etc.

SVS Technologies has a very good and well experienced team of QA engineers who can help in reduce the cost and eliminate all the constraints your IT department is facing in Quality.

To guarantee the effectiveness and thoroughness of the testing, SVS Technologies QA team uses the most up-to-date technologies. Some of the techniques we use to assure the system’s proper functionality include:

Functional testing that contains system testing, regression testing, user acceptance testing commonly known as UAT, Usability testing.

Non-functional testing that contains Performance testing, Load testing, stress testing.

We use test automation using various automation tools currently available to write well developed test scripts and reduce the time and cost in regression testing wherever it is possible.

Our Testing Services focus on deployment readiness for applications to ensure the client has a competitive advantage in the market by delivering Functional Assurance, Better Quality & Enhanced Performance in addition to recurring higher cost savings on the testing efforts. SVS Technologies provides Testing Services that live up to technologies breaking into the new markets.

one streamlined and optimally functional entity. We provide right tools, methodologies and templates for your organizational needs.

Project Management

Regardless of the size or scope of the project, SVS Technologies provides organization with project leaders or project teams for virtually any IT project. Our long experience in delivering complex solutions for our clients has taught us that success requires skills both in working with clients as business partners and in providing the leadership to manage large-scale, complex consulting engagements.

Project management isn’t just about timelines and deliverables, it’s also about your firm’s profits, reputation, stability and growth. In today’s competitive business environment, companies must be able to deliver the benefits of successful projects in a more cost-effective manner.

Our consultants facilitate project planning sessions to get your projects planned right the first time! Working with your core team, our experts capture your requirements, dependencies, resources, issues, risks, costs, and goals in an integrated project plan. Once it’s planned, SVS Technologies proven methods and tools will help you keep the plan updated so that everyone stays informed.

We can help you to establish best practices and procedures for a professional Project or Program Management Office (PMO). Leverage our years of experience in establishing PMOs to ensure your success.

We follow number of approaches to managing project activities including agile, interactive, incremental, and phased approaches.


SVS Technologies offers comprehensive e-commerce solutions including support of business models and e-commerce sites – whether B2C or B2B – on a single platform; speeds and simplifies the deployment and management of differentiated e-commerce sites while maximizing performance, scalability and adaptability. We provide solutions for marketing, merchandising, catalog and content management, B2B selling, order management and more. SVS Technologies offers the industry’s most complete middleware platform to provide seamless integration of channels, processes and systems.

Our Services Include:

Advisory to leverage the power of internet and web technologies, to get far ahead of their competitors in this ever competitive market.

Cross-channel commerce solutions that empower organizations to deliver an integrated personalized consumer experience for all customer touch points.

eCommerce platform – an ecosystem of outsourced e-commerce and business services, enabling multi-channel and next-generation capabilities. It allows retailers unparalleled visibility into their e-commerce enterprise without substantial investments in time and infrastructure